Elite Program Levels

Elite Diving Program Levels

At Elite Diving we understand that there are different levels for each athlete. We want to provide a comprehensive understanding on where divers should begin and where they should progress towards. Each level comes with a description of commitment and associated fees. If you have a family of athletes that are participating on our team, certain family discounts may apply!



Program Dive Academy/School Bronze Team Gold Team Platinum Team
Cost $250(For a six week session) $200/month $250/month $350/month
Frequency Two 1-hour lessons a week Two 2-hour sessions a week Three 2-hour sessions a week Five 2-hour sessions a week


    Diving School

    Elite Diving’s one of a kind Diving School is the perfect program for novice to intermediate-level athletes. The Diving School offers two 1-hour lessons per week (over a six week period) focusing on improving skills and enabling athletes to advance through our carefully designed level-based program that ultimately prepares them for competition on our Bronze, Gold or Platinum Teams. If you are unsure if the Diving School is the correct program for your athlete there will be a “test-out” session offered to ensure that s/he has all the required skills for the intermediate and advanced programs.

    Dive School sessions are offered at all three Elite Diving locations.
    The schedules are as follows:

    Wesleyan University: Monday/Wednesday (5:00-6:00 p.m.) and Tuesday/Thursday (5:00-6:00 p.m.) 
    Cheshire: Tuesday/Thursday (5:00-6:00 p.m.) 
    University of Saint Joseph: Tuesday/Thursday (5:00-6:00 p.m.)

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    Bronze Team

    The Bronze Team is for athletes who have tested out of the Diving School, or have prior experience diving and have substantial interest in continuing on with the sport. Sessions will run from 6:00-8:00 p.m., Monday, Wednesday or Friday at our Wesleyan location and Monday and Wednesday at Cheshire. The time commitment and expectations become more significant for athletes who choose to participate on this team. Drylands exercises and general conditioning may be required for athletes who are members of the Bronze Team, but the more rigid practice schedule will pay dividends if athletes take them seriously. The Bronze Team is Elite Diving’s intermediate team as well as the gateway program to our Gold & Platinum Teams.

    Gold Team


    The Gold Program is for athletes who are diving during the High School off-season and are looking to continue driving throughout the year. The time commitment and expectations become more significant for athletes who choose to participate in this program. Sessions will run from 6:00-8:00 p.m., Monday, Wednesday and Friday at our Wesleyan location and Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Cheshire.Drylands exercises are required for athletes who have purchased the Gold Program.

    Platinum Team




    The Platinum Team is an invite-only team for graduates of the Gold Team, or experienced divers looking for high-intensity training and competition. Athletes and parents are expected to travel with the team to all competitions on the schedule within reason. The time commitment is substantial and expectations are high. Divers may be asked to attend additional workouts to allow for individual trampoline work. Sessions are Monday through Friday at Wesleyan. Athletes at all other locations are expected to attend practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our Wesleyan facility. Platinum Program divers are encouraged to sign up for the maximum number of workouts possible, but can choose to practice three to five times a week.


Payment Options

There are three payments options available: online payments via credit/debit card, check or cash. After submitting the registration form, all athletes, parents or guardians will be mailed/emailed an invoice. This invoice will allow for an electronic payment option. If paying by credit card, a $5.00 convenience and processing fee will be assessed. If paying by check, please make all checks payable to ”Elite Diving, LLC.”

Late Fees:

All payments are due on the first Monday of every month. A five day grace period, depending on the frequency of the athlete, will be given to all families; however, a fee will be assessed upon any late payments. Please see the following fee schedule:

1 - 10 Days $15
11 - 20 Days $30
21 - 30 Days $60 (Suspension from team)
31+ Days $90 (Possible dismissal from team)